• 54 Peter Place, Bryanston, Johannesburg

BA (University College, Dublin, Ireland), MBA (IESE, Spain)
Committees: Investment Committee (Chairman), Social and Ethics Committee

Cathal was appointed as a non-executive director of Transcend on 10 August 2016. He has served in a variety of senior roles
at IHS since its founding in 2005. He is currently Chairman of the IHS Investment Committee and responsible for portfolio
management and fund administration. He brings extensive experience in residential property investment, spanning
portfolio management, deal structuring and negotiation, financial engineering and the management of major renovation
projects. In various positions in the past 15 years, he has set up and managed private investment funds, served as a regional
vice president of property management specialising in the turn-around of troubled properties, and represented investors’ interests in a variety of market-rate and subsidised properties.